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California School Assemblies is backed by a company that has been booking and performing school assemblies in the state for over 10 years. In fact, we have a database of over 1,000 satisfied schools that we regularly mail to.

Our goal is simple: provide an easy, 1-stop website for busy school administrators, PTA/PTO parents, and school assembly directors to get quick and insightful information on all available school assemblies that regularly perform in the great state of California!


1) Increase the visibility of your own website. If you currently have a website and are banging your head against a wall (or don't wish to spend thousands of dollars with a webmaster / SEO marketing professional) on how to get schools to find your website - you are not alone. This directory will help you in a couple of very substantive ways. First, by simply signing up to be a part of this directory it will increase your own website's relevence with the search engines. If you have read any books on how Google and Yahoo search engines work, you already know that the most important thing you can do is to have links coming from other relevent websites into your own! Well, we are that RELEVENT website!

2) Second of all, we will be marketing this website not only on the internet but in mailings to the schools. Each elementary and middle school in California will receive a postcard mailing at least once per year, telling them to go to californiaschoolassemblies.com to find you! Our next mailing is coming out in January 2009. Perfect for your spring bookings. Imagine what it would cost you to mail to 7,000 schools in California. Way more than $99.00!!!! Get your add in today and be in place when this mailing hits. This really is a no-brainer, you can become a part of this directory for FREE or for a small fee (probably less than what you currently pay to book 1 assembly) you can dress up your add and really stand out!


As stated above, we will be mailing to all elementary and middle schools this January. This oversize postcard (in full color) will have space reserved to "Check Out Some of our School Assembly Programs". Under our graphical banner urging schools to visit californiaschoolassemblies.com there will be room for approximately 8 advertising spaces. You can create your own little add with photo, logo, website address and short blurb about your program. If interested in reserving one of these spaces, please email us today! Pricing is still being worked out, but it will be a fraction of what it would cost to advertise in any other publication!

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to refuse any listing in this directory. We will do our best to only put reputable companies in this directory. We reserve the right to make sure listings are placed in only relevent catagories. Our goal is to get only relevent information to the schools in a quick and easy manner.
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